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Scripture Typer - Free Bible Memory System - Stats     PageRank : PageRank Actuel
This website is worth :
Scripture Typer - Free Bible Memory System
Scripture Typer is the complete Bible Memory System for mobile devices and the web. Scripture Typer breathes new life into your Bible Memory time by actively engaging three separate cognitive areas: Audio, Visual & Kinesthetic (Touch) memory.
Category: Main Category | Movement: Neutral
Today 1456
Average 1307.9
Where Can I Find Christian Quotes? - Stats     PageRank : PageRank Actuel
This website is worth :
Where Can I Find Christian Quotes?
Here you will find great Christian Quotes to inspire and bless you on every occasion!
Category: Main Category | Movement: Up
Today 1158
Average 1168.7
Darrell Creswell's Blog - Stats     PageRank : PageRank Actuel
This website is worth :
Darrell Creswell's Blog
Stories of Grace, Love, Hope and Comfort
Category: Main Category | Movement: Up
Today 951
Average 961
Church Webs Network - Stats     PageRank : PageRank Actuel
This website is worth :
Church Webs Network
Christian Website Hosting - 3 Great ways to create, Host and Maintain your Church website.
Category: Main Category | Movement: Down
Today 796
Average 826
Cyberspace Ministry - At Your Service! - Stats     PageRank : PageRank Actuel
This website is worth :
Cyberspace Ministry - At Your Service!
Every day, a new Bible Verse, two Spurgeon's meditations, and a new Cartoon. Every week, a new Wordoku (a fascinating puzzle) and a new Comic Strip. Every month, a new Sweepstakes (win superb Christian books!) and a new Christian Desktop Wallpaper!
Category: Main Category | Movement: Up
Today 585
Average 582.5
Christian Desktop and Mobile Wallpapers - Stats     PageRank : PageRank Actuel
This website is worth :
Christian Desktop and Mobile Wallpapers
HQ Wallpapers, Encouragement Wallapapers, bible, christian, christian creation story, genesis, jesus, life of christ, new testament, old testament, Christian Wallpaper, Holy Wallpaper, Jesus Christ, Jesus Wallpaper, Christ Wallpaper, Bible Verse, Mobile W
Category: Main Category | Movement: Up
Today 514
Average 576.5
Christian Videos Social Network : Christian Videos Site - Stats     PageRank : PageRank Actuel
This website is worth :
Christian Videos Social Network : Christian Videos Site
UltimateTube is Christian video-driven social network. Share and upload Christian music Videos and sermon MP3 and explore Christian faith and the tenets of Christianity
Category: Main Category | Movement: Down
Today 395
Average 447.5
Christian Resources Today - Stats     PageRank : PageRank Actuel
This website is worth :
Christian Resources Today
Christian Resources - Bible study online articles, Free Bible story coloring pages, Christian music videos, quotes, biblical meaning of numbers and names, martyrs, testimony videos and more.
Category: Main Category | Movement: Down
Today 349
Average 392.7
Jesus-Without-Language - Stats     PageRank : PageRank Actuel
This website is worth :
Christian based children's resources, games, crafts, worksheets, full lessons, and more. Featuring the bible heroes, cartoon characters that teach the attributes of a God filled life.
Category: Main Category | Movement: Neutral
Today 271
Average 349
CHRISTian poetry by deborah ann - Stats     PageRank : PageRank Actuel
This website is worth :
CHRISTian poetry by deborah ann
Sharing God's love, mercy and grace through poetry for His glory.
Category: Main Category | Movement: Up
Today 249
Average 269.1
  Title - Description Today Average Stats
11 Last Days Watchman - PURPOSE OF THIS BLOG. It is to equip, edify and encourage born-again Christians so they can be effective in their witness. Along with topical type Bible teaching, it will supply other tools(inc videos)to inform,warn and alert believers within these last d
Category: Main Category Up
158 157.6 Stats
12 Free Christian Wallpapers - Free Christian Wallpapers, Bible Verses Wallpapers, Children Prayers, PowerPoint Backgrounds, 3D Wallpapers, Bible Stories, Bible Verses, Jesus Christ, Prayer and Worship, Christmas Decorations, Merry Christmas, Christmas Backgrounds, Christmas Gifts, Chr
Category: Main Category Neutral
102 113.2 Stats
13 Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings - A website with activity ideas and materials for leaders of Christian youth groups. The activities have been contributed by youth leaders from around the world. There are also ancillary pages with testimonies from youth and their leaders. The activity idea
Category: Main Category Neutral
97 85.1 Stats
14 Christian Fellowship - A place to come and fellowship with other Christians seeking to share the good news of Jesus Christ
Category: Main Category Up
95 119.8 Stats
15 Christian Feeds of Media Broadcast. - Submit your media files/ youtube videos to Christian Feeds to get even more exposure.
Category: Main Category Down
82 81 Stats
16 Christian Youth Portal - We invite you to visit the Christian life.Where you can download music, videos, books, pictures and videos online.Also useful to spend time in meditation on Scripture Reading and listening to sermons.For musical youth restrictions have songs, backing trac
Category: Main Category Down
39 54.7 Stats
17 hi christians - tamil and english christian articles. stories, histories, bible science ect...
Category: Main Category Up
27 27.9 Stats
18 Prayer for the Day - Prayer for the day provides daily prayers for those searching for something new in daily inspiration. New prayers posted each day
Category: Main Category Up
24 23.7 Stats
19 Christian Wallpaper Backgrounds - Original Christian wallpapers, backgrounds and facebook cover photos. All images include the inspirational Bible verses that were used.
Category: Main Category Up
15 17.9 Stats
20 History of the Bible - We at History of the Bible endeavour to compile the most robust collection of information about the history of the most popular book ever made - The Bible.
Category: Main Category Down
15 8.3 Stats
21 Christian Chat Europe - To provide an internet gateway to and chatroom for the Great Commission. Make Disciples of All Nations. Free Audio and Video Chat. Open 24/7
Category: Main Category Down
8 5.5 Stats
22 Our Christian Walk In Faith - A website dedicated to helping others in there walk with Christ.
Category: Main Category Up
8 18.3 Stats
23 Good Tree Ministries - Our burden is for the Lost! There are many people who believe to be saved and are deceived. If we can help it you will know for sure if you are saved or lost. You will also know how to be saved.
Category: Main Category Up
8 7.4 Stats
24 Resources for missionaries and Christians worldwide - The purpose of this web site is to provide information and resources on how you can reach your world for Jesus and other useful information for Christians. This web site provides information on resources in many different languages.
Category: Main Category Down
7 11.5 Stats
25 Ceylon christian - Srilanka Christian Nework
Category: Main Category Down
6 13.5 Stats
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